DC4-HA Horse Show Registration 

May 26th- 27th, 2018

Pre-Registration is Due May 21st 

Registration Forms

2018 Upcoming Events & Important Dates:

  • November 11th- Horse Judging and Hippology (Sagebrush Arena)
  • January 10th- Horse Bowl INT/SR (#1) 6pm (Ext. Office)
  • January 24th- Horse Bowl INT/SR (#2) 6pm (Ext. Office)
  • February 1st- Horse Bowl INT/SR (#3) 6pm (Ext. Office)
  • February 6th- Horse Bowl JR (#1) 6pm (Ext. Office)
  • March 8th- Horse Bowl JR (#2) 6pm (Ext. Office)
  • May 25th-27th- DC4HA Horse Show (Sagebrush Arena)
  • July 19th-22nd- Horse Fair 

2018 Clinics
(All clinics will be held in the Sagebrush Arena unless otherwise noted) 
  • All Clinics are $10 per participant
  • April 18th- Showmanship/Western Clinic 4:30 pm
  • *10 Participants per session. Please Sign up for the appropriate session* 
Advance/ Intermediate Western & Showmanship Sessions

Beginner/ Junior Western & Showmanship Sessions
  • April 21st- Ranch Horse Pattern/Trail Clinic 9am (Canceled)

  • May 23rd- Show Prep/Showmanship Clinic 4:30 pm
  • May 30th- Showmanship/English Clinic 4:30 pm
  • June 9th- Cattle/Ranch Horse Clinic 9am 
  • *This clinic will now include ranch horse trail & pattern*

  •  June 14th- Trail Clinic 4:30 pm 
  • June 20th- Gaming Clinic 4:30 pm 
  • July 11th- Showmanship/English Clinic 4:30 pm
  • July 16th- Showmanship/Western Clinic 4:30 pm

The Quiz & Answers

Bio-Safety Precautions:

*Don't share tack between horses

*Don't allow horses to rub muzzles with one another

*Use Bleach/Disinfectant on stalls before stabling horses

*Allow water to drop freely into buckets from the hose. 

DO NOT stick hose end into the water buckets

*Don't go from horse to horse petting them on the muzzle

*Keep horses separated if at all possible, don't stand close

together while waiting for classes

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call or E-mail


2018 Exhibitor's Handbook

Lease Agreement Form

--------- Calendar ---------

Sat, Apr-21-18
Livestock Judging Contest
Jefferson County Fairground

Sat, Apr-21-18
Ranch Horse Pattern/Trail Clinic
Sagebrush Arena

Tue, Apr-24-18
Youth Leadership Team
Extension Office

Tue, May-01-18
Last Day to Enroll and Participate in Fair
Extension Office

Fri, May-04-18
Food and Textiles contest
Crook County Clover Building

Sat, May-05-18
Dog Fun Match
High Desert Activity Center

Tue, May-08-18
Advisory Meeting
North Sister

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