Livestock Judging Clinic and Contest
July 14 - 15, 2018


2018 Junior Livestock Show List

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PEDv Information

  • Complete PEDv Information from the National Pork Board

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    National Pork Board Website

    Youth Auction Committee Wants YOU!!!!!!

    As most of you are aware, the auction committee has taken on some major changes this year. One of those is an addition of the youth auction committee. We have two members so far. Participants can be livestock members, horse members, static exhibit members, or anyone who is interested in helping out with auction duties at the fair and before. Not only do we utilize your input and ideas, we also have several important jobs that will be best filled by youth in our program; runners, ushers, refreshments, proof-reading, promotion and much more. It will only be successful if you step up, and demonstrate your interest in making the auction something very special. . . . . . . . . . . Contact Karissa Dishon (541)548-6088